Our passengers will learn about the customs of the Yaguas and Kukama tribes as well as their stories and crafts. They will visit the Monkey Island where they reside and coexist with the locals. They will navigate the Amazon River and its tributaries in search of the gray and pink dolphins. During the walks, they will meet an infinity of animal species (birds, monkeys, lazy bears, among others) and medicinal trees and plants. They will also learn about the efforts that the San Rafael Butterfly Sanctuary has been making to protect this species of holometabolous insects.

The dinner room.
Located on the second deck towards the stern, this space encompasses a total of seven tables with a capacity of up to thirty-six guests. The entire dining room is surrounded by large partitions to enjoy a delicious regional menu and the incredible scenery of the Peruvian jungle.
The kitchen has been designed in such a way that each person will be able to visualize the preparation of all the dishes made by our Chef and his assistants.
Our regional gourmet cuisine, among other delicacies, will be offered at the buffet bar. We guarantee an authentic culinary experience

All guests can enjoy delicious regional and international cocktails at the bar or in one of the
lounge rooms, always accompanied by an incomparable view of the natural environment.
It will also have available a varied collection of books, documentary videos and Internet access.

The spa is located on the third deck in a totally private setting. You can choose between different types of relaxing massages. For all sessions, we use 100% organic products. The Jacuzzi has a maximum capacity of 6 people and has a splendid exterior view towards the river and nature. It also has six poufs to rest ..
Large terrace covered by a tensioned canvas roof. This space has 8 sun loungers and a lounge for appreciate the sunsets of the Amazon.