Amazonas Sinchicuy.

Amazonas Sinchicuy.

It is located in the Quebrada de Sinchicuy, a tributary of the Amazon River, 45 minutes downstream (NE) from Iquitos and close to the riverside community of Santa María de Ojeal. This hostel has been built on high ground or «restinga» as it is known in the region. After climbing the ladder that connects the jetty to the lodge, visitors come across a beautiful tropical garden where flowers, birds, and butterflies abound. In the spacious «main house» is the lobby, reception and bar and dining areas; Next to this building and connected by an elevated passageway is the panoramic «round house» that is used as a reading room, for exhibitions, presentations or meetings and even as an auxiliary dining room when it is necessary to serve large groups of diners.

The rooms are located at the opposite end of the «round house» and are also connected to the «main house» by an elevated passage. Most of the 32 rooms are double but triple and even quadruple rooms are also available. All have private toilets and showers. The rooms and public environments are protected with mesh that prevents the entry of insects or other wildlife. In addition to the environments that have already been mentioned, this hostel has a hammock room, a viewpoint over the river, a kitchen, warehouses, laundry, public toilets and complementary facilities.

The Amazon Sinchicuy has sustainable water collection and purification systems, solid and liquid waste disposal, as well as fire safety devices, conservation equipment and BPM (Good Food Handling Practices) procedures for the service of food, beverages and telephone communication 24 hours a day.

Amazonas Sinchicuy

The Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge also has rooms and facilities specially designed for people with disabilities.