Chiclayo and Trujillo


Chiclayo is located in the northern coast of the country, 750 km from Lima city.  It is the capital of Lambayeque; in this zone many important pre-Columbian cultures developed such as Mochica and chimues. Recently they had a great discover:  the famous tomb of Señor de Sipan whom is supposed was member of the Moche or Mochica cultures. Lambayeque has also many colonial houses which be visited as Brunning Museum which has a great collection of gold jewelry, ceramic and fabric from Chimu culture.


Northern city located 569 km from Lima.  It was elected as the favorite of the Spanish aristocracy maybe for its eternal spring climate. Trujillo was also the zone of the old pre-Inca Chimu culture. Until now, Trujillo keeps the harmony of colonial architecture, the colorful of its mansions and churches.  Iron balconies still remains with its original forms. Two kilometers from the city you can find the biggest muddy city of America known as Chan Chan.  It was the capital of Chimu emperor, which finished when it was conquered by Inca warriors.

CHICLAYO – TRUJILLO  4 days – 3 nights

Day 01: Chiclayo- Tucume Complex– Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum

Visit the archaeological complex of Tucume, famous for its pyramids and terraces that are distribute around the magic mountain called as purgatory or “La Raya”, we  can appreciate from 24 to 26 pyramids covering an extension of 49 km ,some of them are Huaca Larga,Las Estacas, La Roja,  Del Pueblo, Las Grandes etc. We will proceed to visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum. The museum exhibits the most important archeological remains of the Mochica culture. The jewels of gold, silver and cooper, emblems and ornaments were found in 1987 in the tomb of a Mochica government leader, the Lord of Sipan. Overnight in Chiclayo.

Day 02: Sipan – Huaca Rajada Complex – Trujillo

Visit the impressive Necropolis of Huaca Rajada 33 km at the south of Chiclayo and 02 km to Sipan Town, a Mochica culture funeral center. Here, a great number of tombs have been discovered. The Tombs of the Old Lord of Sipan (3rd century) and the Lord of Sipan (5th century), famous for its objects in gold and semi-precious stones, were unearthed in the 1980s

We will visit the site museum and also see the explorations and excavations.

Transfer to the bus station to board the bus to Trujillo. Arrive and overnight at selected hotel.

Día 03: Trujillo- Chan/Chan-temple of the Sun and the Moon-Lima

Departure to Chan-Chan visiting the Arco Iris Temple or Huaca Dragon, Tshudi Palace, we walk trough the ceremonial squares, granary, cemetery etc. Then we continue to Huanchaco beach, this is a traditional fishing port where we see the Caballitos de Totora (traditional Mochicas boats). In the afternoon we will visit the Temple of the Sun and the Moon. These enormous adobe constructions were built by the Mochicas in the 5th century. The Temple of the Sun is considered the largest adobe pyramid in Peru; the Temple of the Moon houses an extensive burial ground and some fine polychrome murals in which their deity is often printed.

Transfer to the airport to board the plane to Lima. Reception and transfer to selected hotel.

Día 04: Lima-Departure

Transfer to the airport for departure flight